Meet Nadia Chauhan who made Frooti Drink a 4000 crore successful brand
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Frooti Drink journey: There would hardly be any Indian who has not drunk Frooti or heard its name. The brand was started in 1984 under the Parle agro group and craved a successful path under the leadership of women. Here is the detailed story of this drink and its tactics to become a huge brand.

About the owner of Frooti Drink:

This Frooti product belongs to Parle Agro. This Parle is not the one which makes ’20-20′ or ‘Parle-G’ Biscuits Nor is this the Parle that makes Bisleri However, these three Parles are owned by brothers only. But three sisters run this one, it is said that there are some women also in this male-dominated business who are doing tremendous work out of these, this group is very important. These three sisters are Schauna, Alisha, and Nadia Chauhan. This company has other products like Bailley package drinking water Or APPY FIZZ.

How the Frooti Drink started:

In the initial period of Parle g, Coca-Cola was also making limited trade in India. However, in 1977, the Morarji Desai government Banned Coca-Cola from India. Hence, the market for soft drinks was completely opened, And Parle products made two or four drinks. Those brands were Gold Spot, Thums Up, and Frooti. But later Jayantilal Chauhan started his own company PARLE AGRO Whose product is Frooti.

Turnover of Frooti in 2023:

Last year, the sales of only Frooti among the Parle agro products was the ₹ 4,000 crores which means ₹11 crore per day. The biggest reason for the success of any FMCG product is ‘Distribution’ This Frooti drink has a supply in more than 2 million stores (i.e., 20 Lakh stores) They have an in-house team of more than 800 salespersons Who ensure that our product is available regularly at 2 million outlets.

Successful Strategies of Frooti Drink:

Frooti drink was launched in 1984 It became a hit as soon as it was launched. But what the company did that it became a hit with its launch? There were many reasons The first reason was Packaging Innovation’. Parlo Agro was the first company in India to launch the tetra pack, it was a plastic tetra pack in a green packet but now it comes in a yellow packet. So, they got the First Mover Advantage as there was no competition nearby one of its kind in the market.

The second reason for their success was choosing India’s favorite fruit Mango. Thirdly, the healthy mango drink gets an edge over carbonated drinks. After 2003 they made other strategic changes like changing the packet color to yellow based on color psychology. Secondly, they made it for all age groups earlier it was segmented to children only. They also invested in the brand advertisement.

We hope you got the all details of India’s favorite drink in this article. What did you learn from the business strategies of this brand? let us know in the comments below.

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