Tata Punch EV: Price, Features, Colour, Rivals

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Tata Punch EV was launched in India on 17 January 2024. The Punch EV is Tata’s 4th new EV and the first from their new platform. The Tata Punch EV is an electric small car with SUV styling that’s similar in size to cars like the Citroen eC3 and Hyundai Exter. The Tata Punch was first introduced as a petrol micro-SUV in 2021.

Tata Punch EV Price

The Tata Punch EV can be had in five variants, namely, Smart, Smart+, Adventure, Empowered, and Empowered+. Tata Punch EV price for the base model starts at Rs. 10.99 Lakh. Tata Punch EV price for 20 variants is given below –

Tata Punch EV VariantPrice
Punch EV Smart rs. 10.99 lakh
Punch EV Smart Plusrs. 11.49 lakh
Punch EV Adventure rs. 11.99 lakh
Punch EV Adventure S rs. 12.4 lakh
Punch EV Empowered rs. 12.79 lakh
Punch EV Adventure Long Range rs. 12.99 lakh
Punch EV Empowered S rs. 13.29 lakh
Punch EV Empowered S Plus Rs. 13.29 lakh
Punch EV Adventure Long RangeRs. 13.49 lakh
Punch EV Adventure S Long Range Rs. 13.49 lakh
Punch EV Empowered Plus S Rs. 13.79 Lakh
Punch EV Empowered Long Range Rs. 13.99 Lakh
Punch EV Adventure S Long Range Rs. 13.99 Lakh
Punch EV Empowered Long Range Rs. 14.49 Lakh


The regular petrol Punch was quite a looker and the Punch EV looks even better. Design changes mainly are confined to the nose with the grille blanked out and the flap for the charging port smack in the middle. 


On the outside, the Punch EV continues with a similar silhouette as its ICE counterpart. However, it borrows a few design cues from the Nexon EV, including a full-width LED light bar up front with a blanked-off grille, a vertical slat patterned grille with split LED headlamps, and aero-designed alloy wheels.

The rear is also heavily sculpted and the tail lights with arrow-like elements are another design touch that distinguishes the Punch. And if a green registration plate is not enough to shout out its EV credentials, Tata Motors has the Punch EV name boldly lettered across the tailgate. 


Taking center stage in the cabin are two 10.2-inch screens, which are packed with features and tech. The central infotainment screen hosts the Arcade. ev suite of 17 apps, which includes Amazon, music, games, podcasts, and OTT streaming. You also get wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as wireless phone charging.

The Punch EV has more features than the ICE version. The top-end Empowered+ variant gets equipment you find only in cars a segment or two higher, like a crisp 360-degree camera, blindspot monitoring, leatherette seats, which are cooled, an electronic parking brake with auto hold, an air purifier, auto wipers, and an auto-dimming rearview.

The layered dashboard looks solid and the switches and buttons have a nice heft to them but look closely and you’ll find lots of iffy bits.


Tata Punch EV is a single motor setup coupled with two battery pack options –a 25kWh unit and a 35kWh unit.

As for the driving range, the Standard Range delivers a claimed range of 315km and the Long Range can go up to 421km on a single charge.

The Tata Punch EV can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 56 minutes using a 50kW DC fast charger.

Tata Punch EV has a seating capacity of 5.


Tata Punch EV 2024 is available in Empowered Oxide Dual Tone, Seaweed Dual Tone, Daytona Grey Dual Tone, Fearless Red Dual Tone, and Pristine White Dual Tone in India.


Citroen eC3.

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